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Don't Look Behind The Curtain
WW II, And How We Didn't Defeat The Nazis.


WW II, And How We Didn't Defeat The Nazis.
NESARA, the Nazis hate it!
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The Dark Gods
Is The World Really Solid?
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Yes, as absurd as it sounds, its true.  The Gestapo lives on in the hearts and minds of the CIA, and present american administraition.  It was the German people who paid for Hitlers associations with a Secret Society, The Thule.  And it will be the American people and the rest of the world who will pay for President Bushes association with the Skull & bones secret society, and Bohemian Grove club! 

 RubyRidge  Waco OklahomaCity  911 Washington Snipers
And Coming Soon:
To A Street Corner
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Where did it all start?  A long time ago!  But our present condition can be traced back to the WWII OSS.  This american version of the German SS was hevily populated by Members of the Satanic fraturnity known as the Scull & Bones.  There allegence was to there fraturnity (cult), not the U.S.  It made perfect sense to them to import (Operation Paper Clip), or enlist members of the German SS, on all levels, who also belonged to a cult of there own, the Thule Society, which is also a satanic cult.
With the advent of the present CIA, nothing changed, except that the U.S. now was infected with the same sadistic mentality that Hitler's Gemany was, World Domination, or as President Bush Sr called it, New World Order.
The United States Govenment has been overthrown by Satanic Secret Societies/cults