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WW II, And How We Didn't Defeat The Nazis.
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I will attempt to share with you a story that is quite interesting to say the least, and covers some of the most intriguing, unanswerable, unbelivable questions mankind faces.

Learn How The Secret Nazi Govenment Is Trying To Turn You Into A Cyborg

Work Efficiency

Improvement of human physical and mental performance, at both the individual and group level, can

increase productivity greatly. Several concepts are in development that could enhance working

environments (cf. IBM 2002). To remain competitive, American industry must continue to find ways

to improve quality and efficiency (Mowery 1999; Jorgenson and Wessner 2002). Nanotechnology

promises to become the most efficient length scale for manufacturing (NNI priorities 2001) because


WARNING:  This file contains very graphic descriptions of what the Nazi mad scientists want to do to you! The File is 4.5 meg, and in Acrobat

Satilite Picture Of The North Pole

rearranging the matter at the nanoscale via weak molecular interactions would require less energy and

material. The recent trend toward intensive electronic monitoring and just-in-time inventories has

reduced waste, but tightening the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution supply chains could

prove to be a one-time-only improvement in profitability that could not be duplicated in the future

(Committee on Supply Chain Integration 200